Shanxi Coking Coal Asset Securitization has taken significant steps

- Feb 03, 2018-

January 25, Shanxi Coking Coal's major assets restructuring of Shanxi Coking and supporting the application for fund-raising, the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the merger and reorganization of listed companies audit committee formally approved. Marking the reorganization of Shanxi coking coal assets into the securitization of assets has taken significant steps to create the most dynamic modern emerging energy groups provide a strong support.

All along, Shanxi coking coal locks to create the world's largest coking coal business strategic objectives, continue to increase efforts to reorganize resources, and strive to achieve deep cooperation with the central enterprises, and constantly optimize the industrial layout, promote industrial upgrading and further extend the "coal coke" industrial chain and enhance Coking industry in the industry's leading edge, continued to enhance the development potential of enterprises. Since 2015, Shanxi Coking Coal Group has attached great importance to and actively promoted the efforts of government and financial institutions with the strong support of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, the SASAC and the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and actively coordinated with the China National Coal Group in holding the Group 49% stake in Huajin was placed under Shanxi Coking, leading the integrated development of "Coal Coking" industrial chain.

Huajin Coal, a coal-based coal producer controlled by 51% owned by China Coal and 49% owned by Shanxi Coking Group, is the only Shanxi coal-controlled enterprise jointly controlled by listed state-owned enterprises and state-controlled listed state-owned companies. The three modernized coal mines in Ningxian, especially the Wangjialing mine, are top-class, internationally advanced, high-yield and ultra-large modern mines and still have strong profitability in the current coal situation.

It is reported that after the completion of this transaction, Shanxi Coking Co., Ltd. will purchase 4.982 billion yuan of Shanxi Coking Group held by 49% of the equity stake in China Coal, will really open up the "coal coking" whole industry chain, to create a leading international, domestic first-class Coal chemical industry base to lay a solid foundation. With the injection of this high-quality resource from Huajin, as well as Shanxi Coking Coal to increase its asset-backed ratio by utilizing its affiliated platforms such as Xishan Coal and Electricity Holding Co., Ltd. and Nanfeng Chemical Group Co., Ltd., the asset-backed ratio of Shanxi Coking Coal Group has reached 26.15% .