Discussion On New Business Models Of Construction Machinery Parts

- Jan 24, 2018-

On the afternoon of October 25, 2017 Marketing Forum of China Construction Machinery Marketing and Aftermarket, Zhou Chih-Jun, Chairman of Hefei Xiang Yuan Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., "Discussion on New Business Models of Construction Machinery Fittings" delivered a keynote speech. The following is a statement made by Zhou Chih-Jun, chairman:

Hefei Xiang Yuan Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. as the industry's commercial marketing model innovators, and today, our excavator total sales of 25,000 units, the latter part of 10 years of gold working hours, hope to sell 25,000 excavators.

Today I am talking about "Discussion on Business Models of Construction Machinery under the Platform Economy". I myself was studying computer science and computer software in college. The first pot of gold came from computer software including patents, games and so on. So in my life, there has been a factor of instability.

"Platform economy" is the focus of the current business model transformation, the topic of my serious study for nearly three years, to participate in a variety of classes, but unfortunately we did not complete, in a sense, I put three years of study Process and logic to promote experience, to share with everyone here.

The distinctive features of the platform economy

Ten years, especially the birth of Internet platform tools, we start from the bilateral or multilateral market supply and demand, make full use of Internet platform tools, to the middle of the horizontal is the platform, the two vertical is the East, the West, referred to as "one horizontal two vertical". What is the platform economy? Mainly to do the integration of resource sharing, to achieve maximum common interests, which is the core value of the Internet. Of course, in this process, because it is a new type of business model, especially driven by the capital market, the profit model is different from traditional entities in that it is refinancing through the financing of capital. Now the core of their own value is the online trading volume, transaction amount, rather than the past traffic, traffic, is to the real transaction volume.

After the platform economy was born, all the transaction steps became very simple, the model was very simple, but the simple back also had operational logic. In other words, it is very market-oriented, does not exist the issue of credit sales? There may be a little bit, there is the middle of the financial as a guarantee. But in short, the environment is very simple, and ultimately promote the transformation and upgrading of business models, at this point is a low-cost, but to create a platform is costly, the cost is very high.

With these features and models, there are B2B, B2C, O2O and C2M (factory customized), there are many evolution of these models, there are deformation, I believe we are familiar with.

How to cut into the construction machinery industry chain analysis

It is reported that most of China's platform economy business model comes from California, United States, fortunate enough to follow the successful education group (Internet Training Group) in August this year to the United States for a deep study of 20 days, visited nearly 20 companies, impressed me deeply Is Airbnb, they create the industry ecosystem, such as machinery industry together, from a single office desk to the office to the conference room, is an ecosystem, to find each other customers, complement each other, the platform provides a complete small business All services, from advertising, human resources to the general copywriting work, etc., secretary work, doing very well, earn a little money, rent the entire building down, decoration style pay attention to public space and so on.