Factors Affecting The Wear Of Crusher Hammers

- Jul 07, 2017-

Hammer Crusher As one of the widely used crushing equipment, the wear of hammerhead directly affects the efficiency of crusher, so what factors affect the wear of hammer Crusher during the working process?

1. The influence of rotor speed. Reasonable design of rotor speed, can make the hammer to reach the best impact position. High speed, the material can not enter the radial-shaped hammerhead, the top of the hammerhead wear serious, low speed, material depth between the hammerhead, Hammerhead side and root wear serious.

2. The influence of the angle between the Hammers on the revolving surface. The angle of the hammerhead from one point to another point, such as 60° (30, 45, 90, etc.), should be equal to or close to the time of the material depth to the hammer working area, in order to increase the chance of the hammerhead to bump the material and make the hammerhead wear normally.

3, the impact of hammerhead weight. The correct choice of the weight of the hammer is directly related to the efficiency of the crusher, the production capacity and the wear of the hammerhead. The size of the hammerhead is determined by the hardness of the broken material and the amount of energy consumed when it is broken.

4. Material influence. The content of silica in raw materials is the key factor affecting the life of hammerhead, and the sludge content and water content of raw materials also seriously affect the service life of Hammerhead. In addition to this, the material size is small, crushing ratio is large, material out of the material is not unblocked will also speed up the wear of hammerhead.

5, the impact of the hammerhead and the rotor connection mode. Many new crusher, Hammerhead and hammer handle respectively set, hammerhead using high hardness high chromium cast iron, hammer handle with high toughness of alloy steel, the service life is greatly improved. Zhengzhou peak of the company's sandwich combo Hammerhead connection More reasonable, the service life greatly improved.