Features Of New Type High Chromium Cast Iron Liner

- Jul 07, 2017-

Over the years, because of domestic ball mill liner widely used in high manganese steel manufacturing, because of the impact of the use of small, processing hardening ability is low, so wear resistance. High chromium cast iron is a kind of wayward good wear-resistant materials, it and ordinary white cast iron is the main difference is that it is hard and have good self-willed. However, in the material application of ball mill liner, the use of high chromium liner in medium and small grinding machine is successful, and brittle break is easy to be used in large ball mill, which affects the normal operation of the equipment. For the failure of high chromium cast iron liner, the most effective method is the combination of high chromium cast iron with Low-carbon steel, the production of bimetal composite liner, the current report of the Bimetal composite liner manufacturing technology has many difficulties in the process control and the dual-metal bonding layer strong, affecting the promotion of high chromium cast iron liner.