PE Series Jaw Stone Crusher Spare Wear Parts, Include Flywheel, Bearing, Tension Rod, Toggle Plate And Others

- Jan 30, 2018-

1. Flywheel


Flywheel plays an important part in keeping the balance of jaw crusher and in storing the moment of inertia. In this way, it greatly reduces the wave of machine during the operation-time. Once it was damaged, jaw crusher cannot performance well.

2 Toggle Plate


Toggle plate is installed between the movable jaw and adjustment base, it supports the bottom of movable jaw and prevents it from falling down. When the toggle plate is destroyed, the movable jaw cannot move on routine track and the whole machine has to break down.

Crusher type


Spare parts

Jaw   crusher

C80, C96, C100B, C105, C106, C110, C116, C125, C140, C145, C160, C200

Jaw   plates, Cheek plates

JM806, JM907, JM1108, J1175, JM1206, JM1208, JM1211, JM1312, JM1511, JM1513



3 Spring


Springs are used to control the movement of movable jaw and prevent movable jaw impact the front main frame at any situation. They may be damaged for many accidents, and the whole machine will stop to work once it happened.