Rock Bucket

- Jan 26, 2018-

Excavator bucket type, performance and application environment: 1. Standard bucket Q345B, standard thickness, domestic high-quality bucket seat, the general excavation of clay and sand, gravel and loading light operating environment. 2. Reinforced type bucket, Q345B, plate thickening, domestic high-quality bucket tooth seat, extend the service life, excavation of hard soil, mixed with soft rock and soil, soft stone loading and other light operating environment. 3. Gravel-type bucket, NM360 + Q345B, tooth plate and side edge plate option with domestic wear-resistant plate, made of high quality bucket tooth seat, which has a wear-resistant, bending capacity. Excavation of gravel, gravel, mixed with hard rock in the soil, the Kennedy stone, feldspathic stone loading and other heavy-duty jobs. 4. Rock type bucket, HARDOX500 + Q345B, the bottom of the reinforcement plate, an increase of the side guards, the installation of protective plate, Bucket seat selection of rock for South Korea SBIC products. Thus has a strong wear-resistant, bending capacity. Jian Shi, after blasting ore loading and other heavy operating environment. Bucket excavator is the implementation of vulnerable working conditions components, so bucket bucket, strength, weld, sheet and other parameters directly determine the life expectancy; Division I according to the original bucket-shaped or customer requirements, the use of two-dimensional AutoCAD structure Design, three-dimensional SolidWorks stress analysis, working conditions simulation, cutting by automatic CNC flame cutting, and then use CO2 protection welding and ambush welding, increased plate thickness, weld angle, welding wear plate, Then use automatic sandblasting, painting equipment to eliminate welding stress and improve the overall quality of products, thus greatly extending the life of the product.