Hydraulic Excavator Rotating Grapple Grab

Hydraulic Excavator Rotating Grapple Grab

Product Name: High Manganese Steel Crusher Hammer
Application: Hammer Crusher
Service: Processing with supplied drawings or samples
OEM: OEM is available

Product Details

Product Name: Hydraulic Excavator Rotating Grapple Grab

Application: Excavator

OEM: OEM is available

Hydraulic Excavator Rotating Grapple Grabs can be swiveled 360° for use in the demolition, recycling, forestry, railway, and materials handling industries, including a wide range of other applications. The Pladdet Sorting Grapple is produced using the highest quality components, such as Parker rotating engines, induction hardened pins, and slewing ring for even the smallest sorting grab in order to maintain the highest rotating force.


Max Jaw OpeningM/m1000140018002300250025002700
Oil PressureKg/m²110-140120-160150-170160-180160-180180-200180-200
Set Up PressureKg/m²170180190200210250250
Operating FluxL/Min30-5550-10090-110100-140130-170200-250250-320
Cylinder VolumeTon4.0*24.5*28.0*29.7*212*212*214*2
Suitable excavatorTon4-67-1112-1617-2324-3031-4041-50



●  Light weight with wide opening jaws show outstanding performance of grabbing as well
as maximizing operating efficiency.

●  Full 360 degree hydraulic rotation.

●  Made of wear resistance steel and equipped with large cylinder that extend working life,
enhance productivity on the jobsite.

●  High-performance check valve utilized to ensure the operator’s safety.

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