Analysis of loosing and breaking of broken plate hammer

- Jul 07, 2017-

The problem is caused by the internal and external factors, the internal cause is the fundamental reason, but the external factors can not be ignored, so meet the problem we first have to find the reason from ourselves rather than blame others.

Through market field investigation: Loose and break is the main damage form of plate hammer. The loose and break of the board hammer, the light breaks the bolt and other plate hammer, damages the rotor body and the counterattack frame, the heavy interrupts the rotor body shaft, the tearing rotor body, and the board hammer consumption is very big. Only to find out the cause of this phenomenon can be better to prevent and improve. The following three points are the cause of the damage of the Broken Board hammer:

First, the quality of the plate Hammer problem: Plate hammer material for high manganese steel ZGMn13, from the fracture, visible pores and even voids, and the organization is thicker, the existence of casting and heat treatment quality problems, is the main cause of damage to the board hammer.

Second, the quality of the board Hammer Bolt: Because the quality of the bolt manufacturing is poor, often loose and broken, resulting in the plate hammer loose off or broken. The basic reason is: the use of small factory bolt mold has been used for many years, the wear becomes larger, so that the elliptical head of the bolt is in contact with the poor in use, resulting in loosening; at the same time, in the processing of thread, lathe to make thread and nut thread with easy, so the tooth shape intentionally thinning some, thus reducing the fastening capacity of the bolt.

III. Improper use and maintenance: for the daily work of the board hammer damage phenomenon, because the plate hammer often broken, operator replacement plate hammer workload, greater labor intensity, therefore, the new board hammer installed, there is no downtime check, so that the bolt loosening not in time to tighten, resulting in damage to the board hammer.

In view of the above problems, we need to redesign the bolt mould, so that the ellipse head of the bolt and the contact surface of the screw hole of the plate hammer are in good contact, and the thickness of the bolt thread is controlled in the tolerance of the dimension, the end of the thread is machined out of the unloading groove to prevent In the daily use, to strengthen the use of the Board hammer and maintenance management.