How to install the jaw plate more durable?

- Jul 07, 2017-

The durable jaw board needs not only good material but also proper installation method.

For the fixed jaw plate, the jaw plate is fixed on the front wall of the rack with the connecting bolt; for the movable jaw, the jaw plate is fastened to the jaw plate seat with the link bolt wedge. The function of the wedge is to prevent the jaw from moving upwards, and can eliminate the gap between the jaw plate and the jaw in the installation, should pay attention to the installation, the back wall of the contact between the jaw plate and the jaw seat should be flat and close.

2-3 pieces of soft metal sheet should be placed between the jaw plate and the jaw seat to prevent the damage of the liner and fastening bolts. At the time of installation, there is a 4-8mm gap between the sides of the jaw plate and the rack side guard plate so that the liner has the freedom to stretch on both sides because of the long ore squeezing. In order to prevent the loosening of the fastening bolts, the butterfly spring mat can be used, or the nut and the bolts are bonded together.