The common knowledge of the jaw plate must know

- Jul 07, 2017-

In the production process, the jaw plate of the crusher is directly acting on the material, crushing force is very large, especially the crushing hardness of the material, easy to lead to the installation of the bolt vibration of the jaw plate, loosening of the nut, so that the wear of the jaw plate intensifies and produce great noise, when the jaw plate falls off or breaks down to make the equipment downtime, affecting normal production.

In this case, just before the start of tightening bolts, nuts can not completely solve the problem, according to the actual situation of the site specific analysis, to find ways to take practical methods to solve the problem. For example, you can use the spring anti-loosing vibration device to solve the loosening of the jaw plate in the work, thus prolong the service life of the broken tooth plate and improve the working efficiency.

The concrete approach is to make use of spring bolts to prevent loosening and self tightening device, the device by the internal spring gland, spring, the outer spring gland composition, put the device on the bolt to tighten the nut, because the spring is pressed to a certain extent by the nut, it produces strong anti-vibration effect, the bolt loose power produced by the huge crushing force is automatically compensated by the spring tensioning force, so the bolts cannot be loosened, thus prolonging the service life of the jaw plate and improving the production efficiency. In short, in the use of the process can be specific to solve specific problems, to prevent the loosening of the jaw plate, wear and tear, and so on, so as to extend the service life of the jaw plate, reduce costs, improve work efficiency.

To strengthen the service life of jaw crusher in the process of design selection, assembly and use, we can strengthen the service life of jaw-breaking plate, thus improve the production efficiency of jaw crusher and reduce production cost.