What do you need to pay attention to in the process of using the broken Board hammer?

- Jul 07, 2017-

The plate hammer is the main crushing part of the Counterattack crusher, its production condition is extremely bad, especially in the material with high crushing hardness and strength, it needs strong toughness. Common plate hammer materials are: High manganese steel, ultra-high manganese steel, high chromium cast iron and so on.

To counter the need for attention in the use of the Broken Board hammer:

1, counterattack broken plate hammer in the handling process should pay attention to light, can not directly push or hit, to prevent the plate hammer break;

2, counterattack broken board hammer material if is high chromium cast iron, in handling, installation process, should pay attention to avoid high-temperature, hot;

3, counterattack broken Board hammer in the use process, to regularly check its wear condition, if wear serious need to replace new board hammer;

4, in the boot using counterattack crusher, to check to ensure that the counterattack broken rotor and plate hammer fixed bolts are fastened, and before starting, to ensure that all personnel have left or standing in a safe distance to start the machine;

5, the Board hammer use one weeks, should open the upper cover check wear condition, in order to determine the inspection cycle. When the plate hammer is worn more than 60mm, the upper and lower surface of the board hammer must be replaced;

6, due to the different hardness of broken stone, the material difference between the plate hammer is also big, the user must choose different material according to own actual situation the board hammer, saves the easy damage piece funds investment.