Selection of high chromium alloy crusher hammer

- Jul 07, 2017-

Crusher industry in the rapid development of the crusher manufacturers are seeking new ideas of development and innovation, crusher wear-resistant parts become a major breakthrough direction. For example, hammer crusher wearing wear-resistant parts hammerhead, in the process of causing serious wear, will affect the efficiency of equipment, in order to strengthen the performance of Crusher Hammerhead, manufacturers are constantly innovating.

Crusher Hammerhead is the most easy to wear parts, once the wear is serious will affect the efficiency of the equipment, so choose the high chromium alloy material hammer. Because of high chromium alloy hardness and a large extrusion pressure or impact load on the surface will occur hardening, it has good wear resistance. However, the use of high chromium alloy crusher hammer, also not applicable to any material broken, low hardness such as coal crushing, high chromium alloy performance is not fully played, it will be like a low hardness material as very easy to wear, resulting in the use of hammerhead life is not high situation.

Can be seen, the use of high chromium alloy crusher hammers are also pros and cons, the user in the choice of crusher equipment, must choose the most suitable for their own, to maximize their performance, to enhance the efficiency of equipment.