What are the reasons for the short life of the board hammer?

- Jul 07, 2017-

The plate hammer is an important spare part of the counterattack crusher, which is mainly used for crushing the material when the work is broken, because the direct contact material wear is very serious and it needs frequent replacement to ensure the research and development efficiency. So, what are the reasons for impacting the life of the Broken Board hammer?

In the research and development of Counterattack crusher, the plate hammer is a structural part, and its shape, fastening mode and working load are closely related. For the work process, the abrasion of the broken board hammer is very fast, there are two reasons: improper selection of plate hammer material and improper structure of plate hammer. One of the materials commonly used is high manganese steel, toughness, high strength, good workmanship, a certain degree of hardness, in the larger impact or contact stress, high manganese steel surface layer will quickly produce intense processing hardening, greatly improve the surface hardness and wear resistance.

In order to improve the service life of the Board hammer, the use of low-cost high manganese steel or high manganese steel as a large-scale wear-resistant matrix material, in their work site composite inlay cemented carbide or ceramic particles, so that the board hammer in the use of the process of better wear resistance, longer service life, the real counterattack crusher good helper.