How to choose the jaw plate quality in jaw crusher

- Jul 07, 2017-

The jaw plate is also called the tooth plate, is the key wear-resisting part in the jaw crusher, a set of jaw plate usually consists of two parts namely movable jaw plate and fixed jaw plate. Early jaw plates were cast iron and ordinary hardened steel. These materials are not only low hardness, poor wear resistance, short life, and toughness is not good, often break.

Weak in material abrasion, using high manganese steel as the jaw plate material, because the material in the jaw break this unique compressive stress working conditions, very suitable for manganese steel processing hardening, and in the surface display good wear resistance, and the core has excellent toughness, used as jaw plate material is undoubtedly very suitable. However, for the strong abrasive materials, because of the low initial hardness of high manganese steel, often before hardening, which has been worn, the situation is poor. such as iron ore on a large number of jaw board life of only 3-4 hundred hours, as for the crushing of quartzite is only dozens of or even a few hours.

Speaking of the material of the jaw plate, we have to mention a distinctive bimetallic composite plate. Although jaw crusher has the lowest breakage and wear cost, it encounters hard and strong abrasive material, such as granite and basalt etc. The life span of a tooth plate is only hundred hours, even dozens of hours is very common, and for quartz rock and corundum is only more than 10 hours or even hours, so the development of a higher wear resistance and magnetic properties of the wear-resistant material tooth plate becomes a need, so bimetal composite gear plate will emerge.

As we all know, under most abrasive wear conditions, high chromium cast iron is now the best comprehensive performance and use of cost-effective materials, as a result of the composite material used to resist wear, the high chromium cast iron is preferred, and as in the strong extrusion of large plate castings, because of the need for very high toughness reserves, but also the only non-manganese steel.

Double metal composite gear plate will be the high chromium cast iron rack and make groove of the high manganese steel substrate first individually finish heat treatment, the specially designed high chromium rack root (such as the root) evenly coated with high-strength adhesive, and then inserted into the manganese steel base plate groove (such as alveolar), all through a special design and precision control, to be dry, you can use the machine. As a result, two completely different characteristics, completely different heat treatment process material on the tooth plate compound.