Ancient city Coal Mine developed a separate hydraulic drilling car solution problems

- Jan 26, 2018-

With the continuous increase of mining depth in the ancient city coal mine, the compressive stress also increases. In addition to the methods and measures of anti-blasting and pressure relief, the theoretical system has been continuously improved and new requirements have also been put forward on the anti-blasting and pressure relief tools.

"Since the promotion of the use of borehole pressure relief in 2008, we have continuously upgraded the pressure relief tools based on the mining and stress changes. We have introduced 140 hand-held pneumatic drilling rigs and 300 inflatable pneumatic drilling rigs. After the main mining horizontal transfer to the three levels The research introduced the advanced ZDY1200LPS hydraulic drilling vehicle and popularized the use in a large area of the whole mine. "Wang Dongjing, deputy chief engineer of the Gucheng Coal Mine said:" Due to the narrow space of the roadway along the mining face, the traditional pneumatic drilling rig can only be used for construction Personnel need to stand on the belt construction, not only time-consuming, laborious, labor-intensive, but also caused a big conflict in the production of coal transportation.

To solve this problem, early last year, the ancient city of coal mines and manufacturers in consultation ZDY1200LPS hydraulic drilling car on the basis of its split transformation, the drill turntable part of the forward, the use of the middle of the track plus additional two stringers , The longitudinal beam and the traveling part of the drilling vehicle are connected by a shaft, two cylinder bodies are connected with the drilling vehicle at the rear end of the beam, the vertical beam is controlled by telescoping of the cylinder body, a platform is arranged at the beam end, the rig turntable part is fixed on the platform, Set four corners of the spiral support, and according to the terrain to adjust the height of the platform to facilitate construction operations.

"The new split hydraulic drilling rig is mainly used in the place where the width of the roadway is small and needs to be crossed over the belt construction. The drilling machine can be constructed both on the belt and under the belt. During the construction, the wheel part of the drill can rotate 360 °, Can move forward and backward according to the site space. "Suncheng, deputy secretary of the ancient city coal mine anti-punching work area party branch said:" This reduces the outer length of the drill pipe, to avoid the drill pipe swing, to ensure that the construction and the belt to maintain a sufficient safe distance , Eliminating the unsafe hidden dangers of people, machines and materials and ensuring the synchronous operation of coal transportation and pressure relief drilling. "

It is understood that the split hydraulic drilling rig using electro-hydraulic control, mining belt in the face along the slot application, to improve the problem of inadequate pressure mine pit, a significant increase in the amount of relief pulverized coal discharge, hole collapse phenomenon increased significantly, unloading Pressure effects more than doubled. "The original 110 mm bore hole spacing of <1 m, greater damage to the roadway support, increased after the roadway layout to the production of roadway maintenance engineering volume, the use of split hydraulic drilling, drilling increased to 150 mm, Hole spacing is also increased to 2.5 meters or more, reducing the damage to the roadway support, roadway deformation and the amount of roadway maintenance work also significantly reduced. "Ancient city mine workers anti-stamping area workers Wang Dahai said.

In the stress concentration area construction, the basic elimination of the stuck drill, suction drill, dropped out of drilling and so on, not only greatly enhance the pressure relief construction efficiency, to solve the construction of the security risks, but also effectively reduce the material consumption, cost savings and Work time. "Chengcheng Coal Mine Office Deputy Director Zheng Xiaochen said.