Discussion on New Business Models of Construction Machinery Parts

- Jan 25, 2018-

Under the economic platform construction machinery outlets

I personally think there is still a way out, the first way is to innovate and explore the core values of the platform. Now the market competition is very full, easy trading, financing convenience, credit guarantee. In this mature market, unless you create a new market through your model, what is a new market? There is basically no competitor, and unless the creation of new value-added models resonates, the "sword" will benefit both , This core value can benefit. But the platform is only a tool at the moment, and there are many e-commerce platforms behind the platform. So it is only a long way from the practical operation stage. Second, we are in a niche industry and we basically play ourselves. For example, leasing, can get the first-hand business big business, if not just talk to each other if the total is useless.

The second way is a big alliance, it is imperative. First, industry consolidation; secondly, association members to make joint; again, the electricity supplier media and agents of the Union; Finally, cross-brand alliances. Because if it is a big market, the discount to you is 10%, then hit 10% nothing. In addition, it also includes cross-regional joint and industrial chain alliance.

Accessories B2B Analysis

All in all, two years ago, when we knew that we should do so, finding countless solutions was noticed afterwards. So at this time, we must first change the concept of unity, at least in the platform economy is difficult to go out. We started to focus on e-commerce three years ago. By now, the Group's annual e-commerce sales account for over 5% of the total revenue generated by the e-commerce platform, but our e-commerce team is all part-time. However, we only do one important thing, whether it is not a platform to do, we must grab the client's entrance, the first to do this, we have done for two years, this year there are 50,000 end-users WeChat friends. If you do a single product sales, as long as the delivery of 10 minutes, the mass of customers fans came. Another thing is that it is more advanced and has created an e-commerce ecosystem in the real economy. There are five laps in the entire eco-cycle. Step by step, we find that e-commerce is a shared economy, a joint venture and you alone can not do it.