What are the wear-resisting materials?

- Jul 07, 2017-

China's current general wear-resistant materials have the following major series:
First, high manganese steel series: such as high manganese steel (ZGMN13), High manganese alloy (Zgmn13cr2more), ultra-high manganese alloy (zgmn18cr2more), etc.
Second, wear-resistant chromium cast iron series: such as high, medium and low chromium alloy cast iron (such as CR15MOZCU);
Third, wear-resisting alloy steel series: such as Medium, low, high carbon multiple Kim (such as Zg40simncrmo and Zg35cr2monire);
Four is austempered ductile iron (ADI) series;
Five is a variety of composite or gradient materials and cemented carbide materials: such as chromium carbide composite (cr2c3+q235), high energy ion-injected tungsten carbide materials (WCSP), hard alloy (YK25.6);
Six are all kinds of non-metallic wear-resistant materials: such as polymeric ceramic composites, silicon nitride ($literal), toughened zirconia (Y2o3+zro2), toughened aluminium (AL2O3/ZRO2) and so on.