Dongguan smart equipment industry is gradually breaking the core components of technical barriers 3

- Feb 07, 2018-

Dongguan smart equipment industry is rising

Tuosida Dalingshan in Dongguan in the production workshop, a self-developed by the small-load industrial robots attractive eye-catching, its overall compact, able to enter the small space operations. Wu Fengli, chairman of the company has said that the demand for large robots in Dongguan, the distribution of towns and cities vary, in order to meet the needs of technological transformation of production-oriented enterprises and enhance the efficiency of production enterprises, Extension Star in the search for the greatest common divisor, looking for service Common link. In a strong market demand, Tuosida's performance is quite dazzling. Data show that Extension of the first half of this year revenue growth of 105%.

According to the latest data released by the International Robot Federation, sales of international industrial robots in 2016 reached 290,000 units, an increase of 14% over the same period of previous year. The city of Dongguan gathered more than 400 robotics and intelligent equipment enterprises in 2016, the output value of more than 35 billion yuan, the city's industrial robot research and development and manufacturing enterprises account for about 10% of the total.

Behind the dazzling sales growth is the support of the application industry. At present, Dongguan has more than 120,000 industrial enterprises, complete manufacturing systems covering more than 30 industries and over 60,000 kinds of products, and 5 pillar industries such as electronic information and furniture And other four major industries. Visible, on the one hand, Dongguan has a strong demand for technological innovation, on the other hand also reflects the urgency of technological transformation in Dongguan.

Located in Shek Pai Town, Guangdong Style Technology Co., Ltd. Industrial Park, in the huge production workshop, the shadow of rare, only the machine is constantly operating. Driven by the automation and transformation, Style Technology quickly grasped the development opportunity of the market and was promoted to one of the largest IC packaging and testing companies in South China.

This is just a microcosm. With the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries in Dongguan, there is a strong demand for industrial and service robots in the Chinese market. According to the Dongguan Bureau of Economic and Information Technology data show that from January to July 2017, Dongguan City, industrial technology investment 180.7 billion yuan, an increase of 43.4% over the same period last year increased 36.2 percentage points.

Dongguan Economic Information Bureau chief economist Zhang Yuqing analysis, had more than 200 local enterprises in Dongguan research, many business feedback, corporate profits growth is due to product structure and technological structure to improve and improve, improve production efficiency, better product quality , The unit price of the product has been promoted, meanwhile reducing the cost.