Dongguan smart equipment industry is gradually breaking the core components of technical barriers 4

- Feb 08, 2018-

Gradually break through the core components of technical barriers

In the domestic market to accelerate the same time, localization, the lack of core components is still a major constraint on domestic brand upgrades. Not only ontology manufacturing, most of the core components of domestic robots rely on imports, most of the high-end integration area occupied by foreign enterprises.

According to Dongguan Robot Industry Association statistics, according to the classification of Dongguan's robot properties can be divided into four categories. Including robotic body manufacturers (Han robots, automation equipment, AGV car) accounting for up to 12%, system integrators accounted for 75%, core parts manufacturers up to 10%, service robot manufacturers up to 3%. Visible, Dongguan robot and its intelligent equipment industry mainly focuses on system integration, while the proportion of key core components is not high, the overall low-end level of development.

In order to change this dilemma, Dongguan's enterprises are also striving to break through the technical barriers of core components. Spartan Intelligence, a "double-plan" pilot company specializing in R & D and production of perceived products, is one of the practitioners.

In Sigu's intelligent R & D laboratory, a machine is simulating the high-speed operation of the aircraft engine's thin-walled disk. The design and development of this transducer is made by Georgia State Polytechnic Institute's returnees doctor and current chief engineer of Sogo Smart Wang Donghai Be responsible for.

Wang Donghai said: "Because some of the core data and technology are in the hands of foreign brands, we can only continue to calculate and test in order to get a more stable product, and now the product is still in the monitoring stage."

As one of the core components of intelligent manufacturing industry, the market of absolute encoder such as robot eyes has long been monopolized by a few foreign giants, which virtually increases the cost of intelligent transformation of domestic enterprises. The PCCW Tech to do is to achieve the localization of the encoder. After years of research and development, PCCW has successfully launched the absolute encoder, its accuracy and reliability and no less than foreign brands, in one fell swoop broke the monopoly of foreign brands in this market.

Machinery Industry Information Research Institute, vice president of Machinery Industry Press, said Shi Yong, Dongguan should create a global innovation network, to make good use of external forces, and to actively carry out the strategic plan, the key components of the core components of the priority layout , The government can innovate policies to provide market space or "fast track" for Dongguan parts enterprises.