Dongguan smart equipment industry is gradually breaking the core components of technical barriers 5

- Feb 09, 2018-

Encourage mergers and acquisitions and independent innovation parallel

In the doubling of enterprises are science and technology production workshop, robots online delivery orders, feedback, smart factory production programs, robotics, finished products, automated logistics ... ... This set of smart factories to achieve thanks to technology is through "mergers and acquisitions "Acquired Peng Yu Wei technology with intelligent factory design experience. In the first half of this year, the revenue and net profit of Zhengye Technology won "double harvest", of which the net profit increased by 309.64% over the previous year.

In the intelligent equipment industry in Dongguan, more and more enterprises use capital for technology, brand and time to open the upstream and downstream industry chain and overseas sales network to realize the goal of becoming bigger and stronger rapidly. Lin Jiang, a professor of economics at Lingnan College in Sun Yat-sen University, said that while companies are strengthening their independent innovation, mergers and acquisitions are also a quick way for enterprises to multiply. They quickly acquire and integrate innovative resources through mergers and acquisitions.

For example, Dongguan Songhu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. acquired controlling subsidiary Dongguan Mai Equipment Co., Ltd., specializing in intelligent robots and control system software and other fields; intelligent equipment Shang Vision Technology Co., Ltd. proposed 350000 yuan acquisition of Dongguan Tyco Industrial Intelligence Equipment Co., Ltd. 10% stake in listed companies, robotics Tuosida, appeared in the acquisition of the new board of A shares, the proposed acquisition of 20% stake in Noda shares, to further build Tuosida robot ecology Ring; Jenson Smart through M & A Genesis cut into the field of high-end equipment manufacturing, and now the core technology has been close to international standards ......

Since the acquisition of Genesis Smart, Genesis Smart has undergone a "counter-attack". Not only has the domestic-made smart shop prototyped at Genesis Smart, but the company has turned a profit, turning itself into a smart manufacturer from a traditional production-oriented enterprise. Yellow River, Dongguan Jin Sheng, general manager of intelligent manufacturing division, said that today, smart manufacturing not only greatly enhance the quality of Dongguan Jin-sheng own product and production efficiency, its research and development of smart devices and systems are also greatly favored by peers.

Lin Jiang said that Wando is good at capitalizing on the advantages of capital market allocation of resources to implement mergers and acquisitions, not only can effectively enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, but also will quickly shorten the gap between China's industry technology and international, so that new research and development work made a larger progress.