National eight items will bring great benefits to the coal business1

- Feb 11, 2018-

"It is very rare for the government to write down the documents of the State Council in order to reduce the enterprise cost of the real economy. This is a concrete implementation policy of the state in reducing supply-side structural reforms in reducing costs. It is also a concrete manifestation of the state's efforts to promote the energy supply revolution. Benefits. "When it comes to reducing the cost of" eight countries, "" reducing the cost of the real economy business plan, "said Qian Pingfan, a researcher at the Ministry of Industry and Economy of the State Council Development Research Center.

Niu Kehong, a senior researcher at China Energy Research Association, Lin Boqiang, director of Xiamen University's Center for Collaborative Innovation in Energy Economy, Peng Yi, general manager of China Coal Energy Group, and Yan Guanglu, general manager of Shaanxi Coal Chemical Industry Group, all agreed that this will help increase the profitability of coal enterprises Ability to promote its transformation and recovery.