National eight items will bring great benefits to the coal business2

- Feb 12, 2018-

Six major initiatives cut the key

At present, the overcapacity of coal and the downturn of the market keep the problems of over-cost, low market competitiveness and serious loss in our country's coal enterprises, especially the vast majority of old coal enterprises.

The reason is that the external costs such as taxes and other heavy burden, and second, enterprises do more social and historical issues, and third, the traditional management agencies and more people, low level of technical equipment, management tools behind the low efficiency and low cost. Ke Hong said.

"Cost reduction" State 8 "from six areas to reduce the cost of real economy enterprises, including a clear and reasonable reduction of labor costs of enterprises, including reducing the proportion of corporate social security contributions, regulate and phased reduction of corporate housing provident fund deposit ratio, etc. These measures for the coal business Reduce costs is real. "Lin Boqiang said.

Moderate money is that the key to reducing business transaction costs is to reduce the intermediate links.

"Coal is a bulk commodity." For a long time, China's western coal east transportation, northern coal south transport, coal circulation costs are high. At its highest, coal circulation costs accounted for 60% of coal prices. "Plain money said the high circulation costs Resulting in a relatively low domestic coal competitiveness, which is an important reason for the continued high level of imported coal.

"In the future, a part of the electricity can be directly delivered to the electricity-consuming enterprises without the power grid and the intermediate links are reduced, and the electricity cost of the enterprises naturally decreases." Qian said plainly, "China's coal trading center has been established to develop the coal-related Internet + The purpose of trading platform is to reduce the intermediate links, reduce the transaction costs and improve the competitiveness of products. After the cost reduction of "National Article 8", the state may increase its support in this regard. "

Money usually said less intermediate links, transaction efficiency is high, capital turnover efficiency will also be substantially increased, "for the coal business, accounts receivable one day earlier, late one day vary greatly."