National eight items will bring great benefits to the coal business3

- Feb 13, 2018-

Still need to work hard in many aspects

Against the backdrop of the fundamental improvement in the hard-to-find coal market, the coal enterprises in our country are mainly focusing on tapping their potential costs in the eye, optimizing production layouts, or restructuring their workplaces to reduce the number of personnel or vigorously promote mechanization and automation construction and increase production effectiveness.

In response, Niu Kehong said that there are many factors that affect the cost of coal enterprises. All coal enterprises should identify the main causes of high costs caused by their enterprises, which are targeted and precise; make full use of national policies to reduce the external costs of enterprises; Agencies and streamlined staff to reduce expenses.

"In the first half of the unit cost of a larger decline in the narrowing of the internal reduction of space circumstances, all units should make full use of national policies, reduce logistics, electricity, financing, taxes and other transactions and institutional costs fight More good. "Shaanxi Coal Group Yan Guangluo, general manager said.

Yan Guangluo said Shaanxi Coal Group will make efforts to close down and eliminate outdated production capacity of coal and related industries and gradually eliminate and reduce losses and inefficient enterprises. The Group will gradually establish market-based operation mechanism of related party transactions, give full play to the scale effect of internal cooperation, Principle transactions and other acts; focus on the stock of cash and return of funds efficiency, open up the Group's internal use of unused resources paid channels.