National eight items will bring great benefits to the coal business4

- Feb 14, 2018-

Since the second quarter, despite the rebound in coal prices, but the pressure on coal companies is still cost pressures, cost management remains the top priority of business.

Peng Yi said that in accordance with the requirements of the program, China Coal will continue to strengthen cost control and highlight overall budget control, technology cost reduction and management cost reduction. On the basis of strict implementation of capacity reduction and production reduction, optimize production layout and increase efficiency ; Make full use of good policies, communicate and coordinate with local governments and relevant departments and properly carry out the work of diversion and resettlement; make great efforts to resolve the historical issues such as the separation and handover of "three for one industry"; give play to the advantages of headquarters in financing and the role of financial companies , Reduce financial costs; strengthen the "two gold" control, strengthen cash flow management, improve the efficiency of the use of funds.