In 2017, the coal enterprise will make changes in its transformation 1

- Jan 30, 2018-

In 2017, the reform of state-owned coal enterprises will bloom more, continue to deepen, and enterprises will make changes in their "transformation." The "three for one industry" separation and transfer in an orderly manner, a number of corporate bonds into shares, mixed ownership reform highlights frequently, institutional adjustment, personnel refinement continued, the units continue to explore their own salary distribution system ......

Among the many changes, some are particularly noticeable, showing the trends of the industry from different angles.

Closer to the market

The cold market since 2012 has made coal people realize that coal is not sold out and will be sold. State-owned coal enterprises have changed their business model of producing only in the past, facing the market, and being closer to the market in production and operation.

Shenhua Group (merged and reorganized into National Energy Group) will open a new mode of customized production and personalized service, provide users with clean coal products according to user needs, solve the problems of quality and efficiency existing in the course of users 'use, and enhance users' use of coal Energy efficiency, reduce pollutant emissions. Shandong Energy Zao Mining Group changed the traditional mode of passive sales and production, building synergies between production and sales depth, guiding the market to the docking market, and the wellhead docking furnace, out of a higher quality, better efficiency, better structure, full advantage of the release of new value-added products path.

Market-oriented, coal companies pay more attention to brand building, focus on doing big things. Shanxi Coal Import and Export Group for the national users of coal products will be organized to order a unified platform to face the market, the overall image of the user to create a coal brand coal, improve market position. Shanxi Lu'an Group will gradually integrate its internal resources, open up the production side and sales side, outline the "one type and three types" marketing system of market oriented, business intensive, professional management and resource sharing.

External market-oriented, internally innovative management methods, the implementation of internal market-oriented, improve the enthusiasm of workers, to play its creativity.