In 2017, the coal enterprise will make changes in its transformation 2

- Jan 31, 2018-

Yankuang Group fully implemented the appointment system, term management and contractual management, and realized the change from "level management" to "position management", and established the remuneration distribution mechanism linked with internal marketization. Huaibei Mining Group to implement a negative inventory management, to subsidiaries more autonomy and freedom; to recall the management system, prompting changes in the style of cadres, awakened cadre responsibility and responsibility. Shandong Energy New Mine Group production and management indicators from the bottom into self-report, grassroots units based on the actual situation of the unit, within the scope of standardized operations, to set their own targets, resolve the "want me to dry" and "I want to do "The contradiction. Xu Mining Group, the middle management of the implementation of contract management, the two sides made clear the duties, rights and obligations. Xiang Coal Group to improve the pay system, leading cadres and first-line salary annual salary linked. Lu'an Group Zhangcun Mine cadres to adjust the assessment indicators, "lay the needle in the buttocks under the cadres," with 30% + 20% "performance" "create" weight pry 100% responsibility. Long Coal Group to promote the internal market-oriented, and strive to use 3 years or so, all subsidiaries in the Group's secondary production and management and independent accounting units built internal market management system.

More standardized business management

Nearly from the market, but also require the management of coal enterprises more standardized and more modern.

The reform of the company system is the meaning of the enterprise toward modernization. Tongchuan Mining Bureau of Shaanxi Coal Group changed the name of its industrial and commercial registration to Shaanxi Coal Group Tongchuan Mining Bureau Co., Ltd., and used the first change of office name for 62 years. This marks the full completion of the reform of the corporate system of Tongchuan Mining Bureau. In accordance with the principle of strengthening party building and establishing a modern enterprise system, Liaoning Tiefa Energy Company further perfected its corporate governance structure.

Yankuang Group takes the lead in introducing and improving the system of board of supervisors. The five members of the board of supervisors, guided by questions and risks, unveil problems existing in the operation of the enterprise, timely report on the problems and risks discovered, improve the corporate governance structure, The "three layers and one floor" including the board of supervisors will operate more smoothly and smoothly.

Huainan Mining Group put the overall restructuring on the agenda, in accordance with the standards and regulatory requirements of listed companies, continue to enhance corporate governance, improve the internal control system, standardize asset management and operations.