In 2017, the coal enterprise will make changes in its transformation 3

- Feb 01, 2018-

Actively embrace the development of new formats

Times are developing and the industry is improving. Enterprises in the coal industry are actively embracing new developments.

Yangquan Coal Group seize the opportunity of the policy of "steam-to-iron" in the country and join hands with China Railway Beijing Bureau Group and Tianjin Port Group to jointly set up Shanxi (Yangquan) International Dry Port Group Co., Ltd. to move Tianjin "Outlet" to Yangzang The group's "doorway" has played an important role in getting through the green channel of railway coal from Shanxi to Tianjin. At the same time, the group and Baidu company all-round cooperation to jointly promote the fine coal mining, intelligent production, platform management, building the coal industry, intelligent technology, new business ecology. The group also independently developed robots for downhole inspection, and will further carry out intelligent robots in daily production, disaster relief, detection of hazardous areas and other aspects of applied research.

Shandong Energy Group made use of the Internet to promote the development of real economy. It has successively established such Internet platforms as China Mining Materials Network, "Qianjiang" and Qilu Cloud Merchants, and integrated such links as production, sales, logistics and settlement of offline production lines to form a platform for collector trading, logistics Distribution, financial services, data analysis in one of the ecosystem.

In addition, Shenhua Group and 360 jointly set up the Clean Energy Big Data Research Center to actively address cyber security challenges. Jincheng Coal Group has become a full industrial chain listed companies. Huainan Mining Group to enter the natural gas industry for the next step the main axis of energy - coal, electricity, gas, "mutual support and synergic development" the formation of the situation laid a solid foundation. Guizhou Panjiang Group actively promoted projects such as Internet financial trading centers and industrial funds, and took the CBM sector as a new economic growth point.