Double Roll Crusher Parts

Double Roll Crusher Parts

Product Name: Double Roll Crusher Parts
Application: Roll Crusher
Service: Processing with supplied drawings or samples
OEM: OEM is available

Product Details

Product Name: Double Roll Crusher Parts
Application: Roll Crusher
Service: Processing with supplied drawings or samples
OEM: OEM is available

Roller crusher, also called double roller crusher, which is suitable for feed size less than 80mm, the finished size requirements of 50 mesh -20mm crushing operations, such as the use of pebbles, construction waste of artificial sand making, mining iron ore crushing, quartz stone, broken ceramic industry raw materials. On roll crusher roll skin by the impact of material in use, the weight force comprehensive, easy to wear, abrasion and roll paper will not only affect the efficiency of the crusher itself can cause harm.

High manganese steel roller skin
Roll Crusher high manganese steel roller skin roller optimized heat treatment process, water toughening treatment carried out. Super Paper roll (roller) after water toughening treatment temperature is not lower than 1040 ℃, the microstructure of austenite and carbide (trace), optimized heat treatment process to make products uniform hardness, excellent resistance to mechanical shock, thermal shock, anti-wear properties.

High chromium compound roll skin
Such roller outer skin made of high-chromium alloy, ductile iron lining, high surface hardness, is mainly used for crushing roller machine used in ceramic tiles scission, coal gangue, shale, brick industrial process tailings fineness checks while rolling through the mixing of raw materials, increased formability, and lower raw material of plastic or clay hollow bricks high porosity needed raw materials for fine processing applications. Select the device should be equipped with a roll grinder ring to ensure proper function and play its role.

Multi roll leather wear-resistant alloy
Such roll skin is China in the late 20th century combined with national conditions was developed on the basis of the introduction of digestion. Its success is by quenching make the surface hardness of HRC50-55. Such roll skin can be used to check the fineness of the raw material hardness lower case and plasticizing functions, such as high fly ash, soft shale, coal gangue and dry soil condition stiff raw materials containing stone.

Steel outer electrode wear heap roll skin
Such roll skin abrasion and impact resistance, simple repair, when the whole structure by crushing crusher configuration, complete crushing of raw materials, as well as to meet the crushing fineness is not very high case. Difficult to guarantee the dimensional accuracy when the drawback is the surface welding process. Such materials are used for crushing rollers when results are better.

Gray cast iron roll skin
Such materials are used for ordinary crushing roller machine, mainly for the clayey material. For low value, and its widespread use in many small brick factory.

White cast iron roll skin surface
Such materials used in the production of die casting, rapid surface cooling process to produce white iron in the surface layer, to increase the surface hardness results. Its disadvantage is the high hard layer shallow, poor impact resistance, mainly used for coarse crushing roller machine. Early use better wear resistance.

How to choose the material roll skin still have to be determined in accordance with the scale of production and raw material properties, if the production of relatively large, more wear-resistant materials should be used to extend the working life. For smaller coal ball press machine users, 65Mn material roll skin is most appropriate, if properly maintained will be used for a long time, relatively speaking, cost is also high, is the most economical choice.

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