What Is A High Chromium Alloy Casting Ball

- Jul 07, 2017-

High chromium alloy cast ball, is a kind of chromium cast, and other low chromium cast and medium chromium cast ball, is based on the content of chromium to distinguish.

For a long time, the low chromium ball and the forged steel ball are still widely used in some ferrous metals (iron ore) and non-ferrous metal processing industries. Although some manufacturers use high chromium ball instead of low chromium ball and forged steel ball used to do a lot of work, but because of their own grinding ball product quality is not strong, no good wear resistance (hardness of lower hrc56-59, wear resistance only ordinary low chromium ball 1.5 times times), and sometimes even a large number of grinding ball crushing, in short, that is, cost-effective, can not bring good economic benefits to users, so has not been able to change the status quo. It has been proved by practice that the use of super hard and high chromium ball in mine instead of low chromium ball and forged steel ball is a trend, and most mines in foreign countries have already adopted superhard high chromium balls as grinding bodies.

High chrome ball Abrasion single Warehouse 30 grams, 3 warehouses total 90 grams. 90 grams = 0. 09 kg X8 yuan = 0. 72 yuan a tons of cement (high chromium steel ball at present market price of about 8000 yuan) because the high chrome ball in the normal operation of the situation, there is little fragmentation and loss of roundness, this will greatly reduce your labor and workload (such as the ball broken and lost roundness, you have to go to the clearance of the time consuming and also affect production).