Ball Mill Liner To Exert Unique Advantages

- Jul 07, 2017-

Nowadays, in order to improve the service life of liner board and reduce material consumption and production cost, it is very important to make reasonable structural design and improvement in the process. In our country, the liner plate of ball mill is still more with the design basis of high manganese steel liner. From the geometric structure is usually Bo and large, and in the bolt mounting hole site has obvious stress concentration. It is necessary to take this into account when adopting the new high wear-resisting steel material, and pay attention to the structural improvement, which can guarantee the stability stress of the new wear-resisting material and exert its unique advantages. In addition, the installation quality also plays an extremely important role in the reliability of high hardness materials. The installation of good liner, so that the lining plate is not suspended, not loose, and can be a certain cushion cushioning effect, can effectively ensure the good wear resistance of the liner is well played.