The Difference Between The Material And Properties Of High Manganese Steel Castings And Chromium Castings

- Jul 07, 2017-

Manganese steel castings and high chromium castings are resistant to wear-resistant castings, but they use different working conditions; a high-strength steel, mainly used to withstand the impact, extrusion, material wear and other harsh conditions; High chromium castings is one of the most important wear-resistant materials, suitable for all kinds of high stress abrasive wear conditions, widely used in machinery, metallurgy, mining and mineral processing industries.

The most important feature of high manganese steel castings is that under strong impact and extrusion conditions, the surface layer is rapidly processed and hardened, so that the austenite retains good toughness and plasticity while the hardened layer has good wear resistance. This is beyond the reach of other materials. The common high manganese steel castings have broken wall rolled mortar wall, jaw plate, hammer, plate hammer, crusher liner, ball mill liner, grate plate, coal pulverizer liner, chute liner, bucket tooth and so on.

High chromium castings than alloy steel much higher wear resistance, and than the general white cast iron much higher toughness, strength, and it also has a good high-temperature and corrosion resistance, coupled with the production of convenient, affordable, and is known as the best of contemporary abrasive wear materials. In mining, cement, electric power, road construction machinery, refractories and other applications are very extensive, common in the lining plate, hammerhead, grinding ball material.