What Kind Of Material Does Counterattack Wear Board Hammer Have?

- Jul 07, 2017-

The Impact crusher Plate Hammer is one of its important core components, and the high quality abrasion-resisting plate hammer can be used to produce qualified products. The material and casting process of the board hammer affect the service life of the wear-resisting plate hammer, it is necessary to pay attention to choosing the suitable hardness of the plate hammer, and the good impact toughness is the important factor to improve the abrasion resistance of the counterattack crusher. What is the material of wear-resisting board hammer?
Wear-resistant plate hammer material is the most common: high manganese steel, high chromium cast iron, inlaid carbide rods.
High-manganese steel hammer toughness, good workmanship, low price, its main characteristics are in the larger impact or contact stress of the surface layer, hardening fast, processing hardening index than other materials high5-7 times, greatly improving the wear resistance. But high manganese steel castings if the impact is not enough, or contact stress is small, can not make rapid surface hardening of high manganese steel wear resistance, can not be complete.
High chromium cast iron plate hammer is an excellent abrasion resistant material, but its toughness is low and brittle crack. In order to make the high chromium cast iron plate hammer safe to run, gravel machine manufacturers developed a composite plate hammer, high chromium cast iron casting steel or low alloy steel plate Hammer, the work part of the use of high chromium cast iron, carbon steel, high toughness, full play the advantages of both, a single material to meet the performance requirements. However, the manufacturing process is complex and the process requirements are strict.
Cemented carbide plate Hammer is the most wear-resistant plate hammer, is on the basis of high manganese steel, inlaid cemented carbide rods or cemented carbide blocks, after the actual application of U.S. customers, the reaction is very good.
The material is the key to the abrasion resistance of the plate hammer. So, how should we choose the right board material according to our actual needs?
First, the larger the size of the crusher, the greater the block size of the broken material, the greater the impact load of the plate hammer. At this time, in the selection of material, should first consider to ensure the toughness of the plate hammer under the premise of improving its hardness.
Second, crushing different materials (such as granite, quartz rock and limestone), plate hammer material should be different, and the higher the hardness of the material, the corresponding plate hammer hardness should be higher.
Third, in the selection of plate hammer material, should also consider the technical and economic effects, and strive to achieve high quality and low price, with market competitiveness. At the same time, it should also consider the rationality of the process, so that the production plant easy to organize production and control quality.
For the counterattack crusher, the material of the plate hammer is the fundamental influence factor. In order to effectively prolong the service life of the board hammer, we must master the correct selection method, laying the foundation for the high quality of the board hammer.